Tire Change

December 15, 2010
By Andrew Burns BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Andrew Burns BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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It’s a simple fix,
nothing too major
Just a hole in a tire,
“should take 20 minutes tops”

He carefully selects his tool,
The hexagonal lug wrench.
The wrench slides into place
Covering the lug nut

By applying about 10 lbs of torque
The nut slowly loosens.

The man feels a twisting pain in his neck
His head indents and is wrapped around the lug.
His feet and legs grow together
And take on the same formation as his head.

His arms shoot out and his hands
Enlarge to mimic his head and feet.
His body experiences the slow sting of cold iron
He knows instinctively that he is covered in metal.

The mechanics body shrinks to about 1 ½ feet in diameter
And is then moved from one nut to the next.

He is left alone but just for awhile.
Turning clockwise and tightening each nut on the wheel.

Placed into the tool box for the next use.

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