Sounds of the Desert

December 13, 2010
The soft coo of a mourning dove
The fresh golden sunlight striking the side of a cactus
The cool air lingering from the night
The soft pat of bobcat paws heading back into its den
The rustling of a mesquite tree’s beans in the breeze
The loud flapping of a quails wings as it takes flight
The yipping of two coyote trotting for miles
The great presence of the purple mountains reaching the sky
The flicking of a snakes tongue tasting the air
The chatter of goldfinches looking for food
The heat radiating off of the rocks
The buzz of cicadas just beginning to buzz
The heavy heat at midday
The quiet of the cool shadows
The presence of a coming storm
The landscape emptying of any living creature
The distant mass of dark black and gray clouds
The flash of lighting miles away
The deep ruble of thunder, felt more than heard
The difference of the air
The silence before the storm
The first drop of water hitting the thirsty dry earth
The growing roar of the rain
The organized chaos of nature
The surprise when the thunder shows its full potential
The moment when a rainstorm becomes a monsoon
The constant movement of water
The sudden decrease in the rains intensity
The slow retreat of the blanket that had been hiding the sky
The tangible uplifting of the desert

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