Liar Liar

December 13, 2010
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Liar liar, set my heart on fire, Liar Liar.
In a land of broken promises and untold truths
the liar roams through the mountains higher and higher.
The fog of false blinds any chance of love
but the liar smiles on, for he is no crier.
One day his land burns down and he is forced a sea.
He find his way to an island and walks the shore to get dryer.
Truth comes in a mysterious form, as he spots a beautiful women.
They walk, and talk, fall in love, and marry.
The liar realizes he has found his true meaning.
One day while going to get dinner he hollered
"I'll be back."
But that day was death's call.
Never to return, Truth's love was always known as
Liar Liar.

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