Dream for a Dream

December 13, 2010
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My dream was to be famous
My heart was for the sport
My hope is for my family
My future is for my bro
My goal gets bigger
I see my future but how can I achieve it
I see my family but no hope
I see my bro weres the motivation
Should I just do it for me or do it for everyone

Growing up no dreams
Wanting a family
Can’t breathe afraid to move on
I shouldn’t I can’t
I need to achieve
Achieve what
No need, what’s the point
To define me?
No to define my life
When I dream
My heart gets bigger
My soul has no feeling
When I look in the mirror
When I look in the mirror
I see someone troubled
Fighting to find my personality
What if I can’t
What if
Just what if I can’t achieve my
When I dream
My dreams get bigger
If something holds me back my dream
My dreams merge to become my big dream
No one can hold me back
This is
My dream within a dream

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