Thinking in Two

December 13, 2010
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There are two types of friends.
Those who listen and those who neglect,
Those who observe and those who forget,
Those who appreciate and those who assume
That no matter what, other's love will always have room.

There are two types of listeners.
Those who smile and those who smirk,
Those who explore and those who lurk,
Those who judge and those who accept,
Those who involve and those who reject.

There are two types of conversations.
Those remembered and those washed away,
Those that harm no one and those that will come back to haunt you one day,
Those about others and their affairs,
Those that come from the heart and are truly quite rare.

There are two types of motive.
Those that are direct and those that confuse,
Those that benefit and those that abuse,
Those that mean well and that do good,
Those that make a positive difference, which all should.

There are two types of futures.
Those built and those planned,
Those structured and those that never know where they might land,
Those we look down upon and those we praise,
Those we disregard as merely a phase.

There are two types of successes.
Those expected and those created on whim,
Those that have spanned many years and those just about to begin,
Those others judge as failure on which they look down,
Those that mean something personal often shoved to the ground.

There are two types of people.
Those who fight to stand proud and those who strive to take people down,
Those who wish for the best and those who search for it without rest,
Those who stay true to who they are and those who make every effort to be regular,
Those who love true and those who hate just to make due,
There are two types of people.
Which are you?

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readvt said...
Jan. 6, 2011 at 7:37 pm
Well written. I really enjoyed reading this. Keep writing!
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