Reality And I,

December 12, 2010
By OjosQueNoMiente BRONZE, Socorro, New Mexico
OjosQueNoMiente BRONZE, Socorro, New Mexico
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We Ask For Love Yet Our Heart's Don't Exist.<3

It's hard, I hate my life, I hate my day.. It starts with "I". There are people who hardly remember what they used to look like. There are so many people angry at politics, Maybe.. They should worry about their own households.
There are no people left that love beauty for what it really is. I don't think people even know what that really is?! Kind of afraid they might say "Someone thats Hot."
I know it's weird to have a serious talk about "hairy legs" but do they know that it's true, how we're influenced by so much. Even the littlest things. I look ugly today. I don't even match. I wish I had a bunch of friends! Or I have everything I need to wake up in the morning, and breath with a smile, but I want more.. We care so selfishly about so many things when the world needs so much more than a new prada bag. I love fashion and clothes, and every other thing that makes a female flawless.. Don't get me wrong, but I wonder.. Are there any selfless acts for the good of their reputation? Do they do it for the good of people or out of the pure goodness of their heart's. I do know a few people.. Maybe A Couple. But I also speak to myself, My Heart, My part, To start.. Start what I desire people.. Human beings to realize. It starts within "I".. Don't wish to be wise, Become wise. It's hard, I hate My life, I hate My Day.. It start's with "I".

The author's comments:
Everywhere I turn I see someone flaunting something and that includes Me.. It hurts to know so many beautiful people are really internally hurting and putting up a front. Just speaking reality.. Ojos Que No Miente.<3

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