nature's course

December 12, 2010
By kellymariexo BRONZE, Nope, New Mexico
kellymariexo BRONZE, Nope, New Mexico
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you can turn off the sun but i'm still gonna shine<3

I embrace the sounds of crashing waves
I tiptoe in just a little deeper
it's too cold, I'm afraid, this decision I can't make
Do I jump, do I sink, do I have to do anything?

It's calm serenity, making my head buzz
the motion of the ocean sweeps away what was
I watch the shells drift away, but they'll be back again someday
Nothing ever truly leaves, it just temporaraly gets swept away

It's grey, it's cloudy, it's getting dark
I guess this is the inner workings of my heart
I'm numb yet I feel the waves hit me cold, burning, strong,
I guess I was aware they were there all along

It's black, it's ominious, they're breaking on my legs
splashing up, soaking me to the bone
the chill makes me shiver so much that I froze
I guess I knew this would happen but I still didn't see this extremity

The lightning strikes and I have to walk away
the beautiful disaster unfolding in front of my face
danger and passion all tied in up in a storm
I guess this is my emotion in nature's form

I walk away but I don't get far
the farther I walk the more it breaks my heart
I learned when to fold, I learned when to fight
I learned when to say no, but that doesn't make me feel alright

The author's comments:
finally broke my writers block

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