"The Night is a Cold, Cold Thing"

December 12, 2010
By AngelaNonny BRONZE, Milpitas, California
AngelaNonny BRONZE, Milpitas, California
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The night is a cold, cold thing

She walks into the darkness with her bare arms exposed to the wind
Why didn’t she grab a jacket?
It’s too late now. She must go on.

She shivers and shakes as her breath leaves a cloud of mist into the blackness
She only sees the darkness around her
She only hears the whispers of the vicious breeze
She only feels the chill of the evening

In just another mile, she loses feeling in her feet
Panic stirs within her heatless body
But she must not stop

She tries to walk just a little more
But her feet give up
And she tumbles to the ground
Just rest for a bit, she tells herself
It’ll be okay,

She hopes.

She sits there in agony, shivering to the beat of the merciless wind
Now the numbness has spread to her hands and arms
Her body cannot feel
But her thoughts flood with emotion

Fear, despair, loneliness
And more fear

“Oh Night, why must you do this?
Have you no mercy on a mere child like me?
I have not fully lived my life
And yet you want to take it, you greedy thing
You have taken my strength. I can’t even fight
I cannot die tonight. I’m too young.
Why do you kill me?”

she wept in sadness
And felt the tears turn to ice on her frozen skin
But soon she felt tired
And rest her eyes in a peaceful slumber

No longer would she finish her journey
No longer would she find solace in warmth
No longer would she continue her life
All because

The night is a cold, cold thing

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