Because I'm an angsty teenager who teenager who thinks he's found someone

December 12, 2010
By Anonymous

The shrieks of the social machine
echo in my mind,
but your words
fall softly on my ears
and drown out the voices of protest
The icy wind of judgment
chills me to the core,
yet your warm embrace
thaws my frozen body
The bitterness of the coffee
I drink to impress you,
stains my tongue
but the sweetness of your lips
introduces another taste
you stun me
exhilarate me
yet i still question
Would you read this
and think me melodramatic?
Is this eloquence?
I'm doubtful
but my heart aches to express

The author's comments:
written for my friend megan, who is amazing and unique and with whom i have taken a chance
comments and stuff is helpful because i have no confidence in anything i write. this is a first for me and maybe its not something i am good at.
either way, id like to know what people think especially if im going to give this to a girl

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