Owl and Pooh

December 12, 2010
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“Well hello there Pooh
What may I do for you?”
“I need your help!”
He cried in a yelp

“Of course, Of course,
Why don’t you come in?
I would be indubidebly pleased
To give you advice; listen.

Now what may be
your problem young Pooh?”
“I forgot the birthday
of my dear friend Roo!

What should I get him?
I only have a few hours.
I need something as sweet as
Honey or flowers.”

“Well you see pooh,
You don’t need very much.
Just show him you care;
Something homemade adds a nice touch.

I know just the thing
How ‘bout a cake?
Its caring and sweet
and easy to make.”

“A cake! A cake!
What a great idea!
I better go, but thanks.
Have a nice day, see ya!”

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SMWells said...
Jan. 8, 2011 at 5:32 pm
That's adorable!
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