haunted memories

December 12, 2010
I can't remember my childhood or the innocence that goes with it...

It's like a faint smell of perfume my mom used to wear of the comfort of my favorite stuffed animal... both lost in time

I find i knew more and less of the world when i was a child

What should be and what really doesn't matter

My imperfections were unkown and love wasnt hard to find, it was everlasting

but seasons changed like they must do and with the fallen leaves of the dead tees i found new knowledge, i found hate

Like the blunt edge of a knife the damage was great causing blinding pain

I couldn't go back after that
I tried and tried but each time it was a merciless wall that i couldn't climb back over

im my heart i sit everyday
but my longing doesnt matter
all i have left now is memories
of the girl i used to be

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