December 12, 2010
By KirstinNerd BRONZE, APO, Other
KirstinNerd BRONZE, APO, Other
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From a distance I do admire you
Everything about you amazes me
They don’t understand why I love you so
That’s only because they can’t see you the way I do
They hold your flaws against you
When each one of them,
Makes me fall more in love with you
I adore you, your laugh, and your smile
I cherish every precious moment I spend with you
I couldn’t be more in love
Too young to know what love is, they say
But there is no other way to describe my feelings for you
I shall keep my feelings to myself,
For I value our friendship way too much
But do feel free to express yours to me
Because I care about nothing more than you
For hours on end I could spend thinking of you
I can think of nothing that can compare in importance
So I will spend my time day dreaming about you
When you talk to me you have no clue
I think I like it even better that way too
But when I am around you,
My heart sings with the purest joy
An unbreakable love I have for you
But an even stronger friendship we share

The author's comments:
This was just an assignment for Language Arts.

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