Hurtful wounds

December 13, 2010
By xxVEExx BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
xxVEExx BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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the slide show is to long to see
and as you say once im free as can be
tearing apart of the dreams ive always had
and the skin on the surface has gone bad
showing you what i am underneath
i can no longer be the one whose always had brusies beneath
singing my life away, telling myself nothings wrong
I'll show you whats left of this depressing life song
i can see and you let me know
along the rail of the bringe you let me go
dead and withered in the past as i walk
i now have no room to say what i have or talk
but what is this you say im changing
but not different or just simply aging
confronting pictures in the mirror
all of this rage and pain is just so unclear
understanding whats reality, it finally cuts through
and all i have left is these hurtful wounds of you
listen to these words i really have to say
pushing me down telling me things i have to obay
but the truth is im just a no one with a point of veiw
and your just another someone that only see's you
the pages of the book tear into lifeless pieces
but what are all these small and deep creases ?
one bit at a time one drop of this blood
all this ignorance and lies just want to flood
you tell me this,what do you see in me?
how am i different from whats supposed to be?
just once i want to fit in to the world behind my wall
and just for a second you were against it all.

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