Where I'm From

December 13, 2010
By Anonymous

I am from giant oaks and cracked sidewalks
From swing sets, drive-way basketball games, and street scooter races
I am from tee-ball and pee-wee soccer at Metairie Playground
From plastic trophies and team pizza parties
I am from Mama’s hot, home-made “stoup” on cold evenings and daddy’s barbeque ribs on a Friday night
From neighborhood block parties and silly sleepovers
I am from daily chores and family dinners, Daddy at the head of the table and Mama by his side
From the big wooden playground that was my empire
From the classmates who were my comrades
I am from home videos produced by me and my assistant Trevor
From runny sno-balls at Sal’s, juicy burgers and fried onion rings at Lee’s, and greasy pizza and ice cold Coke at Mark Twain’s
From “Cut it out!” and “Come on!” and everything in between
I am from Grandparent’s Day at St. Catherine’s with Grammy and Grandma Brandy
From Father Mark homilies and itchy church outfits
From the paint stains on old t-shirts from my afternoons as Picasso and Monet
And the sweat marks inside big brother Sean’s old, oversized baseball caps
I am from costumes at Mardi Gras always accompanied by a bag of Cheez-its, Aunt Nanan, Grandma Brandy, Mama, and Sean
I am from middle school sock-hops and grammar school crushes
From the large wooden playground and the sweltering black top
From red plaid, white blouses, and black New Balances with rocks spilling out
I am from neighborhood adventures and scraped knees
From lemonade stands, Barbie dolls, and pretend
From dancing in the rain and girl scouts, selling cookies in front of the Blockbuster
I am from midnight Mass and the “12 Days of Christmas” at Uncle Raymond and Aunt Nanan’s Christmas Eve parties
From romantic comedies and over-priced candy at the AMC to slippers, blankets, and microwave popped popcorn in the den
I am from cushion forts and blanket tents
From the old red leather chair in my grandmother’s living room in which me and my little brother both managed to squeeze into as we watched cartoons
I am from an aqua house and a wooden deck
I am from the memories that make up my lifetime

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