December 15, 2010
By crylovelaughlive BRONZE, Cordova, Tennessee
crylovelaughlive BRONZE, Cordova, Tennessee
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Old Man Winter blows his last frigid breath
Upon my frozen brow
Then whisks away,
When Young Maiden Spring approaches
Maiden Spring comes with a dance,
Flowers springing up at her feet
The animals come to frolic around her merry feet
As she dances away,
Little Boy Summer comes in a dripping ice cream cone in his hand
And a goofy smile plastered on his face
Bringing shouts of joy of children celebrating summer break
Alas all good comes to pass
And Mother Fall brings colored leaves
And the back to school fervor
Then Old Man Winter comes back
With his frosty beard and ice cold hatchet
And so the change goes on and on and on.

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