How I feel

December 9, 2010
By Anonymous

When you hold me in your arms with such care.
As I look into your deep, dark eyes that hold a sparkle of continuing happiness.
While you sing every song sweetly and beautifully.
When you give me that adorable crooked smile, that completely melts the entire world around me.
How your skin is irresistibly and impossibly soft.
As you gently push every hair away to see my face.
When I giggle because not another person on this Earth could even try comparing to you.
While you preciously joke around with me all day long.
How you can simply step into the room, and completely make my day.
When all I can think about every day and night is you..
With your bubbly and goofy personality standing out and filling the room with a positive out burst.
When your large, warm hand grasps mine, tenderly and sweetly.
When you wrap your arms around me like you’ll never let go.
How your nice and loving personality out rules any kind being.
As you softly kiss my cuts and bruises to “make them feel better.”
How your fair face is positively perfect in every way.
When you speak, your voice practically sings every word in the most gentle, comforting way.
While you hug me with your unbalanced step.
As you beautifully play music that brings me an automatic smile to my face.
And I love how you simply make me feel like I’m the most important person on this universe.

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