December 9, 2010
By Siobhan PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
Siobhan PLATINUM, Phoenix, Arizona
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"'At a certain part in your life. Probably when too much of it has gone by. You will open your eyes and see yourself for who you are. Especially for everything that made you so different from all the awful normals. And you will say to yourself, "But I am this person." And in that statement, that correction, there will be a kind of love.' - Phoebe In Wonderland

I wrap myself tight with the pain that explodes.
The ribbons cut precise on the choices betrothed.

The skips and the follies that trace the steps,
the ones back to healthy, the ones i regret.

With each stroke and thought that poor out of my depths
I spot the lies, laugh at the doubts, heckle the regrets.

Yet I'm never too close,
but I'm never that far.

Walking the line, of losing my heart.

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