The Heartless Sky

December 9, 2010
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The curtain is closing
Jokers posing
boy doesn’t want the silver screen today
Stephen, Jon, and Conan just aren’t funny today
“Perhaps I’m growing older.”
Outside, birds glide motionlessly through the noxious air
A boy stares and wonders, “I want to fly.”

The curtain is closing
Sluggards dozing
graduate lies in her mother’s room
“No more school for me.”
Far off, a cloud moving away from her catches her eye
Waiting, waiting for an offer, an interview, some hope
She’s done much, but nothing. Tears of frustration. Escaping from her mouth, a cry.

The curtain is closing
Gardeners hosing
landscaper packs his things at the office up as he stares outside
Looks like it’s going to rain
Skies are a light gray, with no rays of sun invading. Mystical, yet bland
He walks outside and tries screaming at the blue envelope. Droplets will not fall
“For 35 years, the same thing. Today is different,” he assures himself. A clot. “I’m going to die.”

The curtain is closing
And so is the coffin
person said so himself. He likes this patch of dirt.
A short funeral procession, some roses and a eulogy.
The sun shines brightly, ivory clouds traverse the sky.
Wind blows the last of the dust over the grave
A fitting place to lie.

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