Snorting with Laughter

December 8, 2010
By Bobby Ganoosh SILVER, Denton, Texas
Bobby Ganoosh SILVER, Denton, Texas
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I am a practical, pterodactical
With actual, factual
Poem Skillz
And I got so many billz
Cuz I actually, well

I could pay off the national debt
Without even breaking a sweat
But I’d rather
sit and gather
my Snorties so I can forget

That I lost my flofferphlonium
All of it
All of it
Gone, all gone
So now I Snort
To right my wrong
Of losing all that flofferphlonium

And I like to snort all day
In the morning
At night
In the morning again
Then I wait
Nope I just keep snorting

Cause laughter’s not a medicine
It’s a drug
And I’m addicted
So I snort- all day
And all night
And from dusk till dawn
I’m passed out on the lawn

Oh that Lawn
That stupid lawn
Where I lost all my

I remember the days
When I used my flofferphlonium…
But that’s another story
That I think is boring

The author's comments:
Taylor DeWitt inspired this...
nuff said

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