December 7, 2010
By hlwrites1515 BRONZE, Lake Luzerne, New York
hlwrites1515 BRONZE, Lake Luzerne, New York
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Blues, yellows, reds; the countless possiblilties that can emerge from the the combinations of these colors. The numerous shades and tones that illuminate our universe. The many variatons all have a memory a different meaning for each and every person. Laying on your back watching the bright white cluds against a vibrant summer blue sky background. Rolling; Spinning down a long green hill the same shade as that Crayola crayon in your kindergarten crayon box. Bright shiny red like the succulent apples you picked every fall with your family. We are surrounded in a world of color, and enlightenment. The warm yellow rays that shimmer off the bluegreen lake water were you learned to swim. The same transparent rays that gave you your first sun burn. Colorful memories floating like the dark blue jay in your back yard. The sweet smelling citrus your mom packed in your lunch box that was as orange as the basketball you shot you swished your first three with. Countless shades transpire through the world connecting us all in a familar place. Colors; somthing we ALL have in common.

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