December 7, 2010
By hlwrites1515 BRONZE, Lake Luzerne, New York
hlwrites1515 BRONZE, Lake Luzerne, New York
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A girl, lost in her own thoughts lays stiffly buried. Buried by blankets of both cotton and emotion. She does'nt know what to feel and her thoughts crash against her skull in the darkness of her room. Love flows like the rushing river of spring through her veins as hate tries to seep into her strong teenage bones. Anger shoots through her fingers like lighting bolts at even the mear thought of mistakes and failure. Happieness flutters like migrating monarchs in her stomach when sucess is within her reach. These emotions and thoughts taunt her with insomnia. Sadness flows like a trickle from a leaky sink as she reminces over things that could never be the same. Excitement joy hyperactivity permeate throughout her strong skeleton daily, you'd never know the numerous thoughts and emotions that exist within her crashing like waves during high tide against her skull taunting her with insomnia.

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