a spin off of Mary Olivers "have you ever"

December 9, 2010
By Savannah Gilbreth BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Savannah Gilbreth BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Have you ever seen
In your life
More wonderful

Than the way the ocean
Every morning through the evening
Changes personalities
Sad, jealous,furious, and exhiliration

But no matter what, is always beautiful
Dark and rumpled
A soft blue blanket
Crashing waves drift me into sleep

Clear and still
Crystal blue eyes
Overjoyed to allow me
To explore its depths all day

In the morning
It’s a whole new story
A giant moon shines
The new sun shares the heat
Such a magnificent space of water
Do you think there is anywhere, in any language,
A word billowing enough
For the pleasure

That fills you
As the ocean climbs up your feet
As if it were greeting you

As you stand there,
Or have you too
Turned from this world—

Or have you too
Gone crazy
For power
For things?

Thanks Mary Oliver

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