"I Am"

December 9, 2010
By Anonymous

I am a strong enough girl who fights with angry words, not angry fists.
I see my mother and me fighting over a smart remark or a smidge of attitude.
I hear angry words being said from one another’s mouth.
I see myself turning away from my mother with an angry look,
And eyes filled with tears, waiting to fall like rain drops on a car window.

I pretend that the fight never happened, never..
I feel the guilt running through my veins; I want to apologize.
As I wipe away my free falling tears from my eyes,
I worry that if I don’t apologize, I will stay filled with sorrow.

I understand that I am a fighter.
I emphize on the fights, never the love, waiting to explode out of my heart.
I try to hold on to the love, but my anger always takes over.
I am a strong girl who fights with angry words, not angry fists.

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