On Turning 18

December 9, 2010
A book of my life series is over,
A different foot forward,
People treat you different,
Your able to do make mistakes with that freedom,
But with more responsibility,
That last chapter seems so short but takes forever for it to be done,

The freedom and responsibility,
Such as driving and getting a job to making money,
Fades in the normal after awhile,
When you where figuring out more,
You have more surprises,

Now you need to go out of your way to figure out those surprises,
Figuring out things that you knew all along,
Is just like remembering,
People seem different but all the same,
Life looks like it’s in a new octave,
Either too high or too low,
Never that right note,

Instead of people asking if we need help,
Where expected to ask them,
It seems very scary,
Walk throw the unknown,
I member something every day,
Different but the similar,

Once creamy chocolate,
Now bitter chocolate,
Not necessarily bad,
Just different,

At the end when all the pieces fit,
Sweet, sweet, comfort.

Thanks to Billy Collins

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