Caught in the crossroad

December 9, 2010
By , littleton, CO
(No son of mine)
I knew telling them would be no good
(That that)
Forgive me god for I have sinned
(But Tom at least he told us)
I can’t stop my lord I do it again and again
(He is a mistake)
I step down quietly
(Take that back Tom)
And what happens next
(Morning father)
Gives me every reason
(Get out Satan)
To never forgive myself
(I love you father)


666 I say in my mind as I take a step out the door
665 I say as I begin to run down the street
664 I say in my mind as I stand in a crowd
663 I try my best to say it out loud
662 I count as I cross the street and then for

A small moment I can’t feel anything
No more pain, no more sorrow
For the main part because there is no more tomorrow

How what why when never came to mind
Only my father’s anger my mother’s tears
The one word that they hated to hear

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