Lee Harvey Oswald: What am I?

December 9, 2010

My fist is raised in Triumph at my completed task,
Or is it clenched in Fury at your questions never asked?
You beat me and you curse me
You chain me and accuse me
But never do you ask me
What are you? What did you do?
I am a Marxist
But I am not a killer
Never that, no...never that.
I am a Marxist
But I did nothing wrong
I only lived in Russia for three short years long
And what say you of Castro?
I say that he's, by far, our last foe
Now take this camera from my face
And get you all off of my case
For I did nothing wrong
I am but a Marxist
I've never shot a gun
Well, sure the Marines trained me
But that was just for fun
I didn't shoot your King of Hearts
I don't know how you think I could
Perhaps YOU should take the blame
For giving him a car without a hood

So what am I anyway?

I am a Marxist
And that's all you'll ever see
You'll never get to know me
This breath will be my final
This memory my last
You've already poured me into this fatal caste
They say that in the end,
Each man receives his due reward
At the hands of his loving and most gracious Lord
I wonder who will give mine to me?
Poor me, poor Lee
All I get is one measly, blood-stained Ruby

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