Your Words

December 9, 2010
Your words cut me like a knife,
But you never realize how much it hurts,
To hold it all in,
I gave you a second chance,
You try to make me understand,
How much you say, you care,
I’m feeling dizzy,
I feel I’m all blown away,
I’m feeling smothered,
Hearing what all these people say,
I just can’t take it and you can’t take the pain away,
And I can’t face it so turn the other way.
Don’t try to help me; I’ve fallen way past there,
Don’t try to hold me now,
Because you arms were never there,
Now that I realize, how much you didn’t care,
Now that I realize, that you will never be there,
I’m feeling ripped up, I feel im all torn apart,
I’m feeling blocked out,
Behind these hatred walls

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