June 18, 1993: The Birth of Me

December 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Water dropped
She been waiting nine months
For this day.
As she yells and screams
take to the hosptial
I laughed and giggled cause today was my day.
Dropping lower and lower
I was coming sooner or later
Family trying to calm her down.
She's yelling and cussing people out.
Cause the pain i was giving her
It seemed like no one could help her
Grandma tried rubbing her feet
She didn't like but it felt good to me.
Auntie screamed,"Eve shouldn't ate that damn apple."
Mama wasn't worried about no apple.
But i wondered what the apple tasted like?
I'm reading her thoughs
she thinkingto herself
How could she go from a c-section to normal birth?
She wgot so happy
When the doctor said it was time to push.
So I started kicking her
She pushed and pushed
until the doctor yelled out, "Don't push!"
She was disobeying
And she pushed anyway.
My father cut the cord
So I looked around for the lady
I would be calling my mother for the rest of my life.
A lady looked at me
With a big Kool Aid smile
i thought to myself that this got to be her.
the doctor placed me in her arms
And we locked eyes
She smiled
And said, "Oh, she got his nose."
The room was filled in laugher
I made my first smile that day
And she smiled once again
And she said, "Summer."

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