Knitting In The Dark

December 9, 2010
By TheArchitect ELITE, Madison, Wisconsin
TheArchitect ELITE, Madison, Wisconsin
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I see the feet
walking around my room
but I can't see who they're attached to
beneath my bed
I am invisible
and your big brown eyes are closed
and they won't open any more
or not that I will see, anyway
I will be gone by then
so now I just feel out the stitches
that my big brown eyes can't see
I'll make you this scarf
even though you can't thank me for it
and it will be buried beneath the snow and earth
keep your cold neck from
from what?
There is no wind in a coffin
or I should say a cardboard box
but it will be a spark of color
for you to take with you
and think of me
I want those feet to go away
and leave me alone
so I can wait beneath my bed
my own box
and knit in the dark
for you

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