Questions from God

December 9, 2010
By somya tyagi BRONZE, Delhi, Other
somya tyagi BRONZE, Delhi, Other
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If I could ask God,
I would have asked him:

Why he made so many criminals?
But less priests.

Why are there so many disrupted families?
But few smiling and happy families.

Why he never punishes wicked people?
But always make good ones prove their sincerity.

Why does an army man get killed?
While a terrorist roam freely.

Why he made so many atheists?
But only a few theists.

I would also have asked him:

Why innocent people have to face their loving ones dying?

Why politics can never be fair and equal?

Why a brother is killing his own brother?

Why? Why? Why?

My last question would have been:

Why did he make humans?

When he knew that one day,

This human will try to destroy his creator’s own creations?

Then an answer came to me,

And that was:

I might not be the most powerful according to you,
But I have always made
A pure hearted man,
Who has become Impure
By his deeds alone.
Read your questions again,
And check whether in actual,

Am I responsible for this state of human today?
Or Human himself?

I got my answer that satisfied me utmost.

But what if Only I understand?

It is the rest of the world,

Which has to realize

What has he done to Earth and himself!

And now what can he do to revive it.

After all;

We are the World!!

The author's comments:
I am deeply pained to see day to day terrorist activities taking lives of innocent human beings in every part of the world. I express my deep anguish in a poem which has been written by me (enclosed). I have been advised to send it to you for its possible publication.

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