December 15, 2010
i am the thing that chases you in your dreams
through the night, hiding in the shadows
i am no one but i am someone.
i'm the geek in the band,
the little girl who sells you cookies at you door.
your next door neighbor,
the person you have a crush on,
the person that you hate.

i am no one but i am someone.
the stranger you pass on the sidewalk,
sit next ot on the bus to school or work,
the hobbo that you walk past without a second glance.
sitting next to you at a football game.

says hi to you when you pass in the hall at school.
i am no one but the person that has a secreat crush on you,
i am no one but the wind in your hair,
the whisper in the wind,
the eagle in the sky, floating majestically high above,

i am no one but i am someone,
the friend who's there for you through good times and bad.
who listened to you when you had a problem.
made your favorite snack to cheer you up.
i am no one but i am someone that you once called friend.
but you rejected me and ignored me so now,


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