Mad World

December 10, 2010
By CapnCatiee GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
CapnCatiee GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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Now, we’re going down the rabbit hole,
Breaking through the looking glass,
Keeping to ourselves
And minding our own business.
Making our way through a new and strange land
Not sure where to fit in
Or where to stand out
And the Raging Queens
And the Fading smiles
Every truth is a lie
And every lie is a joke
The eyes of many
Following your moves
Keeping you in a place
That you’re not sure of
Kindred souls whisper the secrets
Simple stories to come true as they’re told
Aces, Spades, Jacks, and Kings.
A poker game you cant win.
Tea in the Forests
While the creatures screech
And the most beautiful of things
Cannot be trusted.
But you keep following the White Rabbit
In his world that you do not understand.
White Roses
Red Paint
A Mistake
That you helped to make.
Troublesome grins seem to fade off
Leaving no trace of coming back.
You cant help but wonder
Why the flowers seem to glare at you
As you step through them
The dreams you keep
Suddenly seem more like fairy tales
With a twist.
And you cant wake up.
So, If you don’t like going mad,
You’ve Gone down the wrong rabbit hole.

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