tell me

December 9, 2010
By Anonymous

Just tell me what to do,

you left me, I was waiting for you,

You did not say anything you just left,

Did I do something wrong?

What did I say?

What do I do while I sit here and wait for you to come

I sat there and wished you would come back

After 2 weeks you came back,

I was so happy, I did not think you were goin come back

I was happy, excited, and kind of sad too

Then we talk, And i hear what i wanted to hear,

Back to the smile, But then u left again,

Then i sit there,

Sad, Upset, Miserbile,

Just wanting to know,

Is he coming back? Did i do something wrong again? Will he ever realize im waiting?

I wait and he dont show

The author's comments:
I feel in love and look what happened. first poem

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