Take A Bow

December 8, 2010
By Anonymous

My own personal hell is eating me.
Devouring my humanity
And I feel myself, slip from life.
But can’t anyone see me?
Why can’t anyone hear me when I scream?
And cry?
Am I that invisible?
Why, why, why, why?
Why me?
The darkness surrounds and envelopes me.
Slowly erasing what there is left.
Now I’m a part of something I don’t know.
I’m gone.
There’s nothing left,
But the faint shadow,
An imprint of what there was.
People are finally looking,
But they are too late
My body is a shell.
My soul slowly sucked out of me
I thank y’all for noticing;
But suicide doesn’t happen because of the amount of pain.
It happens because the amount of pain exceeds the way of coping.
Take a bow,
I’m already dead.

The author's comments:
I wrote this as a poem for my poetry unit in grade eight, it was a theme i chose, life and death.

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