Connection To Home

December 8, 2010
By , Paso Robles, CA
Words to depict my thoughts

words to impart my visions

Words, conveyed by means of joints


with the people in my life,

keeps me close to home

Yet it’s so faraway

Years, it’s been

and I’m missing them day by day:

One who’d granted my name,

and one who’d been drenched by barriers

No touch, that’s the shortcoming

No embrace, no speech

Only words

How sad it is

that I can’t feel their presence

when others say grace on the same table,


One can’t do the same

when one’s family isn’t whole

Technology, words, moving hands

They can’t be felt under inanimate keys

Yet what they bear provide the only things
that cling myself to my first home

and to the world

They bear the alphabet
They bear the segments that compose our thoughts;
Ruined house

Yearning, especially
Those are the words that’s been imparted
and emitted

I never expected that part of me
would depend on a machine

to say “I love you”
or even, “How’re you doing?”
But I am in need of it,
so I thank cyberspace
Without it, the Internet, the computer
who would I be without my father?
My brother?
My old friends?
Most importantly,
How would I be
if I had forgotten where home was?

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