falling apart

December 8, 2010
By Tig-R GOLD, Saint Charles, Missouri
Tig-R GOLD, Saint Charles, Missouri
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people say hate is a strong word, but they don't realize that so is love, and people throw it around like it's nothing

thinking of everything causes the burns to show
and triggers the tears to flow
of everything tried to right
it always ends in a mental fight
were no one succeeds
and the sadness feeds
a time of morning of a fallen friend
but no one truly knows the full story in the end
and the sadness fights for control
leaving you out of your one and only role
where you only feel misery
or end up feeling like me
where no light shines and the darkness rules
while i sit here in the word feeling like a fool
it makes me wonder why so many people try to make me feel better
throwing out jokes while their heads are in the gutter
and knowing that it's all not true
cause there's only a poor few
who really care and want to be my friend
but always just end up using me in the end
it's like im just some play thing
and the cycle keeps going around like a ring
they think of me as some trash
that could be lit on fire and burn away in a flash
and fer some reason it makes sense and i watch my self fall apart
and everything i have done and everthing i will be all dies along with my heart

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