eyes through mine

December 8, 2010
i can see you,
i can hold you,
touch you,
even feel you.
im lucky.
i might have to leave you,
i might cry out for you,
bleed you,
even die missing you,
they say family comes first,
but not for this,..
it wont matter.
leaving you would come second,
but i know for sure,..
that will never happen.
i cant,
u wont,
let my own-self leave.
too far,
too far.
keeping secrets,
keeping secrets.
from the family,
from some friends.
they don't know,
they shouldn't know.
its unhidden love,
but hidden for some.
i cant leave the ones ill miss,
i already left the one thats gone.
shes hurting,
shes crying,
she needs help.
me to leave would hurt worse.
hes close to crying,
already hurting.
i made him happy.
me to leave would take all away.
i love you,
i miss you,
i haven't even left you.

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