The First Fool

December 8, 2010
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I was swimming the oceans, in search of an island.
I made frantic motions, lungs heavily tightened.
Tempests blew, and thunderclouds bloomed.
I swam on nonetheless, to the fruits ripened.

Leviathans raged the stormy seas but I did not care.
I avoided each catastrophe, never snared.
I must, or be in waters entombed.
Death stared me in the eye, her fangs bared.

I never reached my final destination.
My mind breached, overwhelmed with exhaustion.
I never thought, never assumed
that there would ever for me be salvation.

Upon finding me: “For what did you do it?” my savior inquired.
“For nothing, for no one,” I breathlessly spluttered.
“I never expected to arrive unconsumed.
I believed I would drown before my life flickered.”

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