What if

December 8, 2010
By Anonymous

What if I told you that I loved you back?
That I loved you with all my heart and might.
Would you come and take me far away,
To a land of magic and make me sway?
Would you hold me tight in your arms,
And silence all my alarms?

What if I told you I hated you?
That if I could I would silence you,
Would you sit in the corner and cry,
As friends and strangers passed you by?
Would you lie awake in the wee morning,
And pretend my love for you is forming?

What if I told you nothing?
If I just stood there in pure silence,
Would you check your ears for a sign of being deaf,
Or understand that love too has a death?
Would you stand there in amazement, look in my eyes,
And realize that love is nothing but hard lies?

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