Counter Attack

December 8, 2010
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Squares of black and white marble
Quietly wait in anticipation
Of the Counter Attack.

The king and his queen
Dressed all in black
Grimly await the
Counter Attack.

White knights on their steeds
Prance and paw the field
“send me” they cry to
Counter Attack.

The bishops slide diagonally
Their robes flowing -black
Against white for the
Counter Attack.

The rooks tower over the
Small innocent pawns
Protecting their king
From the Counter Attack.

The childlike pawns
Defenseless and small
But yet in numbers
They prove they can
Counter Attack.

Toppling and tumbling
Prisoners of war are
Taken. Black and White
Fall alike to the
Counter Attack.

As the black advances
The white retreats in fear
To guard their king
They beg their queen
To Counter Attack.

Blood spilled across the
Desolate battlefield
Vultures picking at the dead
Nothing more, because the
White overcame the valiant
Counter Attack.

Game, Set, Match,……CHECKMATE.

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Lovebug07 said...
Jan. 5, 2011 at 9:11 pm
Wow i absolutely love this!!! I've never played chess before but I understand this perfectly and it actually makes me want to play lol :) your a fantastic writer!!! It would be awesome if you could check out some of my work, I would love to get your opinion! once again great job :D
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