Alone in the World

December 8, 2010
By biffman BRONZE, Meadow Vista, California
biffman BRONZE, Meadow Vista, California
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I can see,
the endless expanse,
of the dead lands.
The game is up,
there is nowhere to go.
Me and these people,
stuck with each other,
but that, is the best thing about it.

With no one but them,
to boss me around,
or tell me what I need to do.
We feel quite free,
just me and these three,
having adventures and fooling around.
No one out there,
to stop us from having fun,
to tell us not to be who we are.

Being what we want,
what we can,
what we like and
what we really are inside.

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on Jan. 5 2011 at 9:17 pm
Lovebug07 PLATINUM, Topeka, Kansas
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This is really good!! i love it :) keep it up lol i would love it if you could check out some of my work, it would be awesome to get your opinion on it.. once again good job!!

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