Where are you now daddy?

December 4, 2010
By , Goshen, KY
You said you’d be back in a few days.
You promised.
I thought you were coming back.
Where are you now?

Did you get hurt?
Like I did when I was three and I fell.
Did you get lost?
I really hope not.

Mommy said you’d love her forever.
Where is that love?
You said you’d be with us always.
Why aren’t you?

I remember the time you took me and Mommy to the park.
You pushed me on the swing and Mommy laughed when you fell down!
We had so much fun together!
Now it’s like I have no one to push me on the swing.

I miss you.
I know Mommy does to.
Will I ever see you again?
Will I ever get another hug?

You always gave me the biggest hug!
You swung me around and kissed my head.
I gave you big hugs too.

I want another hug from you.

You haven’t been back in weeks.
Mommy was crying.
I cried too.
Daddy, where are you?

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