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December 4, 2010
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Silky bones slide around in a repetitive manner
taking the only innocence we’re guaranteed.
Night screamed our fate as the darkness dissipates.
The room once shared now demolished, and I die with it.

Smoke rises from the ashes of a fragile wing
The gun lays hot on the bloody sheets and will now be put to an eternal slumber.
Your demons have taken over regardless of how many times we thought we had achieved victory.

Wrapped around your finger,
I guess I helped pull the trigger.

I know this all too well,
I should have from the start
You had to know it’d end like this,
cock it back and blow.

Late August nights creep through the sleepless mind
Stay up for the pleasure, Stay up for the greed.
Whispering voices faded.
Shameless and satisfied, you flew away.
And I let you.
The only thing I knew was you, I was happy at you feet.
I’d fall ill to your presence and ‘heart filled’ embrace,
but nothing short of sorrow fills my veins when you vanish.

You did what you did best.

You left.
Left me to the savage beasts. Now and forever I’ll be ripped apart.
Your dark motives and intentions have taken over.

You say you can’t let go
But now you must, I won’t let our eyes meet again, until the end.

But know this;

As I’ve satisfied before, no need to worry now.

To your one last dieing wish, ‘into the dark I will prevail’

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