Once Love, To Pain

December 4, 2010
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Insane aren't I?
To have loved youh,
It wasn't a crime,
No, I did and still am.
But now the place you made warm and whole some,
You did something terrible to it, like smash a ciagrette
To my cheeck burning and choking me to death w. Its deathly causes.
The empty space you've made when you left?
Its filled, don't worry, but its filled,
With something you've done,
a thousand times a billion of slashes,
a billion times a billion stabs.
Do you feel it?
Do you finally feel it?
The agony of my tears,
Im not good enough to keep you loyal,
Not good enough to see if our love meant anything to you.
Guess im not worth it.
I've always made you 'happy'
But what about me?
You promised to take care of me,
But you never did.
Death is an option that can erase all this pain.
The only thing keeping it away.
Is the options you give, so what is it?
. . . You decide for me.

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