For you I shall

December 8, 2010
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For you I shall do anything

I shall trade my life to give you an extra breath
I shall relive my most hurtful moments to see a smile spread happily across your face
And without a doubt I shall sacrifice my freedom for your well-being.

From whom you were given I’m still unsure
But you’re the greatest gift I was ever given
A wonderful irresistible package to which I owe my happiness

Your words have cut me deeper than the capability of any blade
But that’s solely because you mean more to me than anything I have ever known
You taught me who I am
And the many possibilities for which I may become

Without a second of hesitation, or a drop of fear, I handed you my heart
And in return you shared with me your love

On occasion my waves of anger and confusion may have been pushed in your direction
And they more than often may have overwhelmed your ability to understand
And for this I apologize
It’s only a small part of who I am,
And hopefully an even smaller part of whom I am becoming

You deserve much more than I have given you
Through you I found patience
And our memories that we share will never be forgotten
You’re not only my best friend,
But my teddy bear that comforts me at night through times of unforgiving hardship
You’re my pot of gold at the end of the longest existing rainbow
And whether we are together or not,
My love for you will never cease existence
I love you

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