December 8, 2010
By juliachase. GOLD, St.Helens, Oregon
juliachase. GOLD, St.Helens, Oregon
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Walking around almost immune to the constant cries of, “I’m Sorry”
Solemnly starring at my own reflection with out even the slightest clue
That it was me
The girl with the watery deep green eyes
The straight face without the tiniest hint of a smile
An unusual silence not being filled with my familiar laughter
It’s strange, especially for me
Only a few days ago I was laughing and joking with Dustin
Now strangely enough, it’s hard to even get me to speak the simplest of words
The protection and advice that he never failed to give
Is gone, He’s gone

If I needed him,
He was there without a second thought
I didn’t need to tell him why
He was just there to make sure I was safe
Without the need of an explanation,
He was there because his little cousin needed him
I could count on Dustin,
He understood my mistakes
And never broke his promises
He was the one who would wrap me in a hug when I would cry over some stupid boy
He was the one to tell me whoever it was wasn’t worth it
That there wasn’t a boy in the world who deserved me

He was the one I put my trust in
The one I would listen to when he had something to say
I have grown closer and closer to him over the years,
And I miss him with all the broken pieces of my shattered heart
A part of him will live on forever
In his family, in his friends, and in me
He was too much apart of everyone’s life to just slip away unnoticed

Another person in my life
Slipped through my grasping fingers
And once again I didn’t have the strength to bring him back
But I did have the strength to say goodbye and let him go
Because at the end of the day, there was nothing I could do
But give him what he always deserved,
A free pass to heaven, to be with Rocky

I love you Dustin, let Rocky know I sai

The author's comments:
I wrote this when my cousin died, I was really close to him and it was really hard. He died 2 years after my brother died, and they were bestfriends.

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