December 8, 2010
By juliachase. GOLD, St.Helens, Oregon
juliachase. GOLD, St.Helens, Oregon
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A shiver runs down my spine
Every time someone crosses the white line
The nightmares, the memories rush back to me
I get to see the pain you were never able to flee
I feel the adrenaline pulsing through your veins
I taste the blood in your mouth when you couldn’t control the reigns
I see your broken skateboard lying on the ground
I hear the car rushing toward you, I wish I was around
The truth is I was asleep and didn’t hear a sound
The angels were there
This I hope; I swear, for if they weren’t, it’s just not fair
I hope you didn’t struggle in pain
If you did it would drive me insane
All I know is the traffic didn’t stop for you
Even though the midnight sky was blue
And no matter how many kisses I blow toward your grave
I’ll still miss you, that’s something not even you can save
The wind still blows
The rain still falls
But the birds stopped singing
And the bells stopped ringing
The days fly by
In the blink of an eye
Without you here
Nothing seems sincere
Except for the lonesome memory of your presence
And your smile that will forever linger in my broken heart
You’re my angel in the sky
Don’t be afraid to stop and say hi

The author's comments:
My brother died a few years ago. He was knocked unconscience when he fell off his skateboard, and he was killed when he was hit by a car.

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