No More Than Adornment

December 8, 2010
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Two years ago, I met a girl.
A mutual friend introduced us.
Initially, she was wary of me,
But she grew accustomed to my presence.

I watched her forget what I meant
And suffer because of it.
I watched her ignore me
And compromise herself.

I screamed at her,
She's doing the wrong thing!
She will regret this!
..She doesn't listen.

She listens to HIM instead.
HE scoffs at me.
And pretends I don't exist.
I break in half.

I don't give up scolding the girl.
I yell; I scream.
But HE yells and screams louder.
She'd rather listen to HIM anyway.

One day, THE BOY's voice dims.
My screams finally reach the girl's ears.
Shocked, she tries to change her ways.
THE BOY doesn't let her.

HE entices her once more.
Ridden with guilt, the girl tries to repent.
Dissatisfied and no longer caring,
THE BOY leaves her.

She can hear me now!
However, I make the mistake of scolding too much.
Hopeless, the girl believes she is worthless.
She entices and is entices by any and everyone.

As if to spite me,
She does it all in plain view of me.
I am forced to watch it all.

But I persist.
I show her, tell her
The errors of her ways.

She sees and comprehends,
But, rather than repenting,
She removes me.
Throws me across the room
And storms out.

I sit alone on her floor for too long.
I wonder what is to become of the girl.
I call to her, ask her why she does this.

She responds,
"Because it's fun.
It doesn't mean anything,
Who cares?"

In tears now, I give her a picture of the consequences.
And she ignores it.
She makes me sick.
Yet, I feel responsible for her.

One day, this selfish girl gains a reputation.
I told her that this would happen.
She doesn't like it,
So she returns me to her finger.

[Never her ring finger, you'll notice.
That's too much committment for her.]

She claims to be my friend once more.
I forgive her, of course.
But she can never regain what she once had.

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