Elegy for Capitalism

December 8, 2010
By Anonymous

Elegy for Capitalism
You were born in 1776
With the rise of a new nation
You were the son of mercantilism,
But infidel more powerful

You were like Louis the XIV
The antithesis of you father
In 1922 you reached your height
And the world marveled at what you had become
In seven years though, a depression
Tried to kill you, but survived and 20 years later
Won a victory of communism in a cold war.

But now look at you, twisted in
Your own success, breeding corruption
And greed. I do not pity you, and on the day
Socialism crushes you no one will not be phased

In a hundred years,
With your corrupt and greedy demise forgotten
You will be revered as the grand architect of human civilization
And forever enshrined in history.

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