December 8, 2010
By , Commack, NY
What’s wrong with you?
Nothing is ever a joke,
Pain and suffering are real.
Hatred runs deeper than you know.
Open your eyes,
You’ve been blind for far too long.
Look at me.
Can’t you see past this hard exterior, this façade?
Built to shield me from this agony, this fear.
Soundproof interior to block your accusations.
Keeping in my echoing screams.
Protecting me from pointing fingers and dagger eyes.
You don’t understand,
Do you?
These tears are not for show,
Nor these cuts and slashes for my personal enjoyment.
You told me I could trust you.
That you’d understand, and always be by my side.
Where are you now?
I stand alone,
Left to battle these demons, solo.
I’m deserving of your abandonment,
The regret left you long ago.
Now heartless, now cold,
Tell me,
Where did your soul venture?

Tell me,
What’s wrong with you?

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